Edition 2
Saturday 8 February 2019
Departure and arrival: Flassin (St Oyen), at Le Nouveau Foyer, 18.30
Maximum time to finish the race: 2.5 hours then by 9.00 pm
Timing: electronic detection only upon arrival
Development: 6 Km approximately GPS measurement
Difference in height: + mt. 300
Fee: € 60.00 per couple including dinner on arrival

Goliardic race with ski mountaineering, crampons or snowshoes on a route of about 6 km, mainly on beaten snow to be tackled as a couple in a roped pair.
On the way there are refreshment points where you can only drink a can of beer that will be marked on the bib.

Theme 2020: vintage ski

Skiing, play, joy, company.

The idea comes from the historical Mezza Slimba that was disputed between the villages of the valley of the Great St. Bernard and, with the same spirit of the time, is revived with two variations: one in the name - it will be called Arrancaslimba to twins it with the popular Arrancabirra® scheduled in October - and one in its liquid substance: not wine but beer along the way, thanks to the support of the owners of Les Bières du Grand St. Bernard, originally from Coumba Freida. In the 1st edition of this new goliardic competition, couples of skier or runners with crampons or snowshoes will face the easy route rigorously with ropes - on the local cross-country tracks, for about 6 km overall and with a difference in level for beginner. Along the ups and downs, in addition to conquering the cans of Napea - one of the tasty natural products of the Gignod Brewery - the adventurous athletes will have to pay attention to the "surprises" proposed by the trackers.

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